A heart so innocent

She is beautiful
She is smart
Her smile gives hope
Her true beauty lies in her heart.
With a smile she walks
With care she lives
Her laugh will cheer me up
An unspeakable happiness is what she gives.
Her hair's so glossy
Her face's so sweet
With her by my side
I'm sure to succeed.
A heart so innocent
Too afraid to lie.
A heart is innocent
That'd do anything to see me smile.
A source of inspiration
A source of encouragement
She is an angel
She is the Queen.
Queen of my Home;
That's what she is,
My Mother... Is the one I need.
Her heart cries when I cry
Her heart laughs when I laugh
The heart she has
Is unique and beautiful.
She is my savior
With the heart of a warrior.
There's a day I hope
I hope to see
When I get to have
Her heart.... A heart so innocent.

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