A Heartbeat That Never Beats!

A beauty that is forever lost in the mist of the afterlife.
A soul that we may no longer see..
A home that can never truly be filled..
Tears that always hide so deep inside,
they start to melt you down until all that's left is
agony, misery, sorrow and defeat...
A deep anger takes over and tries to confuse and consume you.
It's like a circle that stops it circulation midair.
Afraid to move, afraid to breathe afraid to live.
Do you jump? Do you wait?
No time to think adrenaline is in motion.
All your feelings, all your thoughts, all your words DISAPPEAR.
Still in the air falling further and further
in the hole that you created.
That one word that could've saved you but no one there to hear it..
That one chance you had to say it, but pride got in the way.
Now you have to live another day knowing your chance faded away..

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