A Heart’s Cry Part 1

Can u hear it? My heart is crying,
You never gave me that one important thing.
When God sent me here from heaven above,
he choose u to give me that motherly love.
You were suppose to protect me from my fears,
comfort me and wipe away my tears.
I should have been able to depend on you.
What more do I have to do, to show I need love from you.
What happened to the kisses, hugs and
the happiness of giving me love.
I don't understand u put me aside for a man.
How could he be your first priority,
instead of taking care of me?
A heart cries for a love from you.
There is only so much I can do.
There were so many things u should have taught me.
I feel so confused and incomplete. What am I suppose to do?
A heart cries for you!!!

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