A Heart’s Hell

I do not care about the consequences of my deeds.
All I care for is the blood that all innocent bleed,
The tears that I shed for those without a home,
And the blood that my heart bleeds for those with crushed souls.

I do not care if I'm whipped or branded.
All I care for are those who are stranded,
For those with lost souls-stolen, demolished by thieves,
For the corrupt and damaged, who no longer can grieve.

That, thus, it is said, during time
our deepest wounds will mend.
I am one who holds this untrue;
our wounds are not mended,
only covered with scar tissue; the wounds still remain,
but are hidden beneath the soul.
And we will not allow them to be revealed
to anyone, no matter how deep they will go.

There are so many of those in the future and past
who are asking for help, yet they know their life will not last.
For without death, there is no life,
without pain there lies no happiness-
and without fear, there lies no courage or bravery.

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