A Heavy Mind

Pachyderms and jackasses are now in play,
With hopeful faith, they will not stay,
And after they play, so foul and hearty,
Replace them with an American party.
Greed and avarice seem to rule,
Corrupt technology our grammar school.
While lies can win and morals lose,
Our children find it hard to choose.
Media smothers our wakeful hours,
Blinding our minds with "I need it" powers.
Gore and sex for all to feast on,
"Role Models" now, an oxymoron.
I yearn for a time that seems far away,
A return to sense and yes, fair play!
World wrongs exhaust my mind this day,
Is all that's left, just hope and pray?
"In God We Trust," our country's plaint,
I still believe, but it's hard to wait!

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