A Helpless Warning

The sweet aroma of danger, lures me in
This is where I start my downward spiral, where to begin?
The bitter contempt within me was far too great
Impurity and darkness had their hooks in me, I was their bait
Come, and meet the girl they said
So I imprudently went ahead
My morals and values had been impaired
Simply because no one in my adolescence had cared
Come with us, become promiscuous and free
My choices altered the person I was meant to be
I despise this unavailing hopeless person I have become
I enabled myself, my demons have now won
Good judgement of humanity is something I lack
Allowing the corrupt to feast upon me, allowing the malicious
to attack
I have prayed to thee, to let me go
But even his merciful self has spoken no
So I warn you now, from the gates of Hell
Flee immediately, or you too will become a prisoner of Satans spell

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