A hidden past

A hidden past

Billions of people in the world, each day we see new faces
Both men and woman alike, different races all going different places.
Now you may just look at someone for a second and judge them by the way they look
And that may be the only time you see that person and that is the judgement that you took?

A man with scars on his forearms and his ankles is walking in the park
A professional business man walks by him with a look very dark
But what that business man doesnt know is the man he dubbed ‘scars’
Got those scars when he was young and his father was high on bars

A 15 year old girl is at a playground with her child when a woman confronts her…
“You have a child already? That is disgusting. I feel bad for your daughter”
But what that woman didnt know is that 2 years ago when that girl was 13
An older man raped her and impregnated her, it caused quite a scene.

You see we are all so quick to judge someone by how a situation looks
But in reality we have no understanding of what is going on but our opinions we still took
In this society people lack empathy and sympathy and place themselves above the rest
They look down on those who seem different, because they do not see the hidden pasts.

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