A Hippo in a Polka-dot Dress

I once saw a hippo in a polka-dot dress.
It was the strangest thing ever I must confess.
Her shoes wear yellow and dress was blue.
I wondered if it was new but had the slightest clue.
The hippo walked up and down the street.
To show off her new look.
I was on a bench reading my book.
I found it strange that nobody was staring
What the hippo was doing was very daring.
I close my book.
Have another look.
She's gone! She disappeared!
Where did that hippo go? She was just here!
I searched and searched where could she be?
She is gone and gone for good.
I'll be heading home now like I should.
Who will believe me when I say?
"I saw a hippo in a polka-dot dress today."

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