A Hobo’s Prayer!

An old man sits on a stone park bench
Thinking back on the last few years he has spent.
Roaming through garbage cans looking for food
Walking the streets wondering what to do.
A railroad track is his home by day
A dark alley at night is where he goes to lay.
His pants are ragged and there's holes in his shoes
Not even a coat for when the weather turns cool.
He whispers, "I am tired and hungry and haven't a dime
Not even these clothes can I say are mine."
So for once in his life he drops to his knees
And prays out loud "God I'm asking you please,
I know there's a Heaven with a God up there
So please would you listen to this hobo's prayer.
I'm not a bad man and once had a life
Just let myself go when I lost my wife.
I didn't care for my job or going back to my home
As life for me now was just being alone.
I've had all of this life that a hobo can stand
So help me get back on my feet if you can."
He gets up from his knees and with a humble stare
He knew God had answered this old hobo's prayer!

Faye Hay Moss

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