A Hundred Musings

Beneath the starry expanse of an ingénue night
And silvery gossamers of intricate pulchritude,
A lone lass lay, supine.
Her eyes, an ebullient crystal blue,
Her lips, a cherry blossom anew,
A twinkle drop, a merry Mien,
A brew of childish awe,
And cryptic innocence,
Conflated in iridescent harmony.
A hundred musings, a thousand thoughts,
That held her in bay, as she dreamt away.
A dreamy bliss, an eternal epiphany,
That held her tight, as she dreamt away.
Through ethereal expanses of a dreamland dalliance,
She glided along in puerile play,
Oblivious to worldly travail,
sorrow and pain, she dreamt away,
As the pinpricks underneath
Cradled her in feverish limerence.

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