A husband’s confession

A woman sits alone, the family not home.
Her husband seems to be
Always busy doing other things.
She asks herself why?
She's the last.
To be in company of her own man.
He barely speaks to her
Some days not a word.
She begins thinking
He's off cheating.
Days pass on by, still the same.
One night she's asked
Honey what's changed?
As they both lay in their bed
Her thoughts keep wondering in her head.
He finally rolls over, lays his head on her shoulder.
Looks up at her and says
I love you more than life itself.
Your not the last person I want to be around.
Your the last I see, I want to dream about.
First thing In the morning when I wake,
I want to see your beautiful face.
I'm not off cheating my love,
I've been quiet, not saying much
Asking god why lately?
Did I get such good luck?
To have such a woman,
So wonderful, I truly love.
I'm blessed to have you as my amazing wife.
Your the one for me,
I want only you in my life.

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