A Journey for Me

On the journey of my life all friends
Hurting more than ever from life's torture, once again.
To find myself is why I'm here,
Waters always peaceful music to my ear.
So here I stare out at the stars and gaze...
My heart's crying, it aches.
From far away I ran,
Searching for myself to know who I am, once again.
After years of marriage, bruised and abused
Is who I seemed to be.
Like a scared child no identity of me.
Journey for my life, showing love along the way!
Little by little remembering less.
Letting go of the hurt, only I knew.
Scared and depressed I'll no longer be.
Used and betrayed, belittled everyday, hurt!
My heart aches.
Crying tears into puddles that seemed to surround
No longer.
I'll stand my ground!
My identity is found!
He no longer brings me fright.
That scared women is no longer I.
I speak freely and look you in the eye.
I pray to our Lord, God brings me much strength.
I have found peace through the universe!
Love and joy are really real.
Hurt comes, but we can let it go!
I don't have to hurt, now this I know.

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