A Journey Interrupted

He screwed shut his eyes what he thought his last
but oh the passage expected came not to pass
As hours waned on he grew confused
by then from this world he should be loosed
His skin grew cold and his heartbeat still
and he heard some night-thing shrieking shrill
but lo! he could not finish his start
From this world he failed to depart
After long repose he rose from his bed to wander
and this new strange un-happening to ponder
By now the body was cold and hard as stone
Was there some forgotten thing left that needed done?
As night approached the witching hour
he felt in the corner some unearthly power
Some weird, creeping stare
Some unseen being with menacing glare
At long last he heard a solemn, hollow rap upon the door
and almost fell over himself to endure this room no more
Would it be the Horseman, the Pale, the Collector?
possibly late, stalled by some haunting spectre?
Eagerly he lunged to open the door
to invite inside the Fourth of the Four
Alas! he found no one was there,
nothing beyond, only freezing forest air
He turned to return to his bed inside but,
he found his own door, locked solidly shut

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