A Journey

Throughout our seven continents, on this world we call home,
live thousands of cultures
among the billions of inhabitants that roam.
For every person, there is a story, a life, a dream--
one only they know and keep in their mind's eye.
Scrolling through the pages, I read every letter,
every word that fills my mouth, connecting me to people miles away.
It's a magical thing, culture is,
and how our diversity is what I celebrate,
and am beginning to understand.
For every country, even each city has its guidelines
and norms that we let pass,
giving no thought to the differences,
but noticing our comfort within.
The warmth that engulfs our very throats,
as we continue on our walk into the next step in our journey.
You would think that for the one life we are given,
all would be well,
paying no attention to the flames outside
and the battle cries as lives perish before us.
Yet one day we will give thanks to the ultimate leader of all.
It is He whom you will speak to,
about the lives you so carelessly took,
about the value you put on human life and so shamelessly sold.
Do you dare to take that next step toward your home,
or will you trace back
and remember what I have let infuse your wonder.
Do take her hand, and love her, give her all you can manage.
And that one day. that one day will never come,
and we shall sit and watch the sunset, forever and for eternity.

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