A Judgement for this World

A moment of pain,
A tear from tomorrow,
A shadow of rain,
and days of sorrow.
Haunt the living
as they do most,
always giving
and they boast:
Oh World! How we pity you!
At first full of so much wonder...
Then look what mankind has done to you:
Corruption, folly, back-stabbing, self-absorbed.
You can't be the World God is looking for.
The one full of peace, love and understanding too?
No World, your days are numbered,
and they are few.
A project you were,
you grew with beauty and grace,
but now you are proud and self-righteous,
you've become a mistake.
You've had your chances;
leaders, prophets, a Savior too,
it's time you realize
there's nothing more that can be done for you.
You won't believe?
That's your choice -
live your life
and ring out your voice;
how this was the way the world was made -
It started out uncaring, cruel, and condemning -
how horrible it has stayed.
It's astonishing to see one species claim life for itself, along with all others -
that are "just here to help".
How knowledgeable, and geniuses you all must be,
to say with absolute conviction:
"There is no eternity".
You argue why would a God make this place?
You should realize that the world, like your own life,
was a gift for all that God made from His grace.
But Your life, your world, is what you and everyone
else has made of it, you see?
While heaven, Salvation, has been made up through God,
for that is where He resides with others,
in eternity.

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This Poems Story

Wrote this a little while ago, with a bit of a pessimistic view on things - was in a place of imagining what a type of moral grand council would have to say in regards to some of the cruel things that have happened in this world lately.