A Killer of Love

Give me a chance, a last chance to make this right. Don't leave in a hurry, it's the middle of the night.
I didn't mean to hurt her, maybe scare her a bit,
But she insisted on screaming, so I had no choice but to hit.
Yes I know that I shouldn't have choked her, but she had me by the hair.
Did you expect me not to fight back? Just let her beat me without care?
Oh no I couldn't have it, it wasn't going to happen that way.
You told me you wanted a fighter, someone who would always stay,
Right there by your side and baby I'm at the bat.
What choice do you have now? Now that I killed the rat,
That took your heart away from me so many years ago,
But I gained it back through tears and blood I had to let her know,
That you were made for me and no one else
Yeah I know she had your kids,
Wait don't yell at me I'm on the verge of flipping my lid.
Let me explain the reason I did it then maybe you'll understand,
I love you more than life itself, I couldn't let her just take my man.
So I laid in wait so many years for the right moment to strike
And when my heart could hold no more I knew it was time to bite.
So I let go of fear and pain and I did it just for you.
I knew you'd be happy I knew you'd be proud,
Wait, what, I haven't got a clue...
You're mad? You're angry? You loved her with your heart?
But baby I, I mean, you didn't say,
Now standing here soaked in blood is not the way to go,
But when the blood is yours I guess I can't say no
You betrayed me and let my love go to waste,
Now you're the one on the bleeding on the end of my blade,
How sweet that has to taste.
And as for you and the bitch you lay with
I hope you rot in hell
For my love for you was so strong and deep
I killed for you just to die in a cell.
Here ends my story of betrayal and lust for that's all it ever was,
A dream I have once every night,
Waking in the morning with the buzz.
I never know if I’ll make it reality and yet it's really scary,
I think I could one day soon, who's up for some bodies to bury?

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