A King

By Alexis   

What makes a King?
Is it the throne he sits on?
The huge palace? House and Carriage?
The gold and diamonds on his crown and draped around his arm?
In every man, deep down, there is a King.
A King who reigns supreme in his everything.
Let me tell you about this one so you can see what I see..
B.. for
Brilliant. Blessed. Black. Beautiful.
Breathtaking. Busy bodied. Big hearted and blissful.
Rational. Real. Recognized. Royal.
Romantic. Reflective. Responsible and recreational.
Accomplished. Adaptable. Appreciative and amazing.
Noble. Natural. Negotiable and nourishing.
Wait... are you still with me?
Dependable. Diplomatic. Desirable and devoted..
Dreamy. Debonair. Dazzling and determined.
Observant. Open minded. Opinionated and original.
N stands for never, because that's when I'm letting him go.

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