A King’s Calling

From the desert of Judea, a piercing call was heard.
“Turn from your sin! Prepare yourself! Listen to the Word!
Bulls and goats cannot undo the sin that you have done.
Atonement only comes, you see, by the blood of the Father’s Son.”
So, John the Baptist preached to all who came to hear.
He told of the coming savior whom crowds would come to cheer.
Destiny brought John to Jesus and Jordan’s water cleansed
the sinless Savior’s body that soon would bear our sin.
Three years or more he walked the land and told man how to live -
This Galilean carpenter who had so much to give.
He healed the sick. He raised the dead. He caused the lame to walk.
His miracles were many. His words, much more than talk.
Sometimes His words brought judgment. Often they brought love.
Sometimes He spoke of grace and hope, and mansions up above.
His words were living wisdom; even from His youth.
With Almighty God His counsel, wise men sought His truth.
His life was far too perfect to stay long here on earth.
A mission of atonement was His before His birth.
His duty was accomplished on Calvary’s rugged tree
and now He waits in Glory, to return for you and me.
When He returns from heaven, and Gabriel’s horn is heard
He will summon His unto Him with kind and loving words.
When He bids me come unto Him I will answer when He calls -
as all knees bow and tongues confess His Lordship after all.

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