A kiss goodnight

Babygirl, i watch you sleep, and for your life,
i wish you many things,
that you. laugh, play and sing
never give up and follow your dreams
travel the world, or float the sea
inspire the truth and follow your believes
dance in the rain, and try new things
never to forget, who you are
and know that loving yourself will get you far.
Always remember to say your prayers,
take life slow, and cherish the years,
show your love and face your fears.
The number one thing for you to see,
is I was made for you, and you were made for me,
and in this life, that's how it will always be,
For even when im gone, im not far away,
i love you and you love me.
And threw all this, too and far,
my little girl is who you are.
If time could stand still, and i could have it my way,
just how you are, is how it would stay,
so little and so small, and perfect by far.
And with a hug so tight and of course,
the best for last,
a chubby little cheek,
momma will kiss goodnight!

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