A knock at my door

Once upon a day in the past,
The devil came knocking on my door at last.
The person I was, at first turned away;
But his misery called my company and my decision began to sway.
I never saw the side he brought out in me;
she was risky and dangerous, something I never thought I could be.
Before I knew it he was with me everyday,
My brief hesitation grew to temptation that wouldn't let me turn away.
The road we traveled, my brief buddy and me;
It was effortless, easy inside I felt free;
I was blinded to the shackles and chains on my feet.
He presented them as a gift that was beautiful at the time
But 2 years later I'm up at 5 am where from that destruction, birthed this rhyme.
It's funny how my life of success and self growth,
Quickly fell from my hands, shattered, and on the floor it lay broke.
Time pays no mind to the gloomy or weak, Time doesn't care if your standing still or moving your feet.
But as sure as the waves continuously greet the sands,
Time will move passed you or gladly hold your hand.
I can never undo what will forever be a part of my story,
I have to learn that life is what I make it, sadness or glory.
It's not how we stumble, it is not how we fall,
It is about how we rise up and continue standing tall.
Each and everyone us had to crawl, before we could walk the walk;
maybe this experience of weakness and shame will allow me to also talk the talk.
I know there's a light somewhere up ahead,
Just like after every storm the sun comes out again.
If the me I am now could only speak to the me that stood listening to that initial knock on the Door,
I would tell her not to answer keep those feet planted to the floor.

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