A Knock Upon the Door

Imagine being her, just taking care of her young child
So far, the day had been calm and mild
Until a time when a knock was heard upon the door
She opened it with a greeting smile
Little did she know it would be her last for a while
When she saw who it was, her smile faded
The officer came in and said her husband was belated
Her whole world froze as her eyes filled with tears
She remembered their lives over the years
But the child was too young to understand
He was confused why his mother held her face in one hand
So the mother grabbed a photo of them all
She pointed to the man standing next to the boy, so small
And said with tears running down her face
In a choked up voice, "He has gone to a better place"
The child was unsure what this might mean
He did not understand what his mom wanted him to see
Until she shook her head and brokenheartedly
Choked out the word, very sympathetically,

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