A Lane Full

The ball spins and finds the arrow
right to left diagonal.
Just like Uncle, or dad for some, and Louie to most
just like he patiently taught us. Drink in hand
the best laugh bursts from his lungs.
A smile rises and you know you are always welcome.

Machines break
Pins fall and some never rise.
If you're lucky and we always were,
Tom, the magician,
would disappear into the dungeon and fix the silence.

The thunderous crashes never annoy
They are the sounds of strikes and spares
of first kisses and dreams
and fights
and loss
and laughter...

One, two, three...
twenty-four lanes.
It's Saturday and
children laugh and play and fight and pray.
Billy Ray and Elvis on the jukebox
The smell of Auntie cooking hamburgs and frozen pizzas
with the pepperoni cubed and greasy.
French Fries and gravy, “yes please,” throw some cheese on
“That there is Poutine”.

Coors light served in cans, second hand smoke for free.
A community distracted by one family and a dream.
A dream for a happy place
With noise, lots of noise, to distract
from what is outside them doors.
Blizzards and divorces
Hated jobs and unhappy children.

Inside is lights and shoes that stink.
Grandpa sitting at the bar, Drinking his silver bullet, laughing and bullshitting.
Hockey style fights on and off the television.
Aunt Pam bowling with us kids and it made us all so happy.
Perfect games and drunken nights.
Christmas parties and Uncle Louie as Santa.
Ho,Ho,Ho I never knew.
New years eve and my sisters engagement party,
Mom was excited and drank too much wine.
Grandma didn't come often but when she did
she left with rosy cheeks and a smile.
Who am I kidding we all left with smiles.

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