A Last Goodbye

I saw it on a sunny day
In the summer upon the bay.
I heard it in a call, from a mother to her foal.
I caught a glance into the mist;
Teary eyed, frozen lips.
I thought I had it between my hands,
But it had fallen amongst the sand.
I saw it in your eyes, upon your lips.
In the sun that kissed your skin.
I thought I had it in my chest,
Pinned to me like a golden crest.
I had lost it in a sea, under a sky,
Filled with clouds and birds flying by.
Consumed and collapsed, it had fallen from my grasp.
The sun that once kissed the petals
Had set and gone away.
Only left was the rain that touched the flower
As it drained away.
I used to see it in your eyes;
Feel it upon your skin.
I shall never know love again.

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