A Lesson In Anatomy

Terror is an act of sadistic ventriloquism
that speak thru the hands initially
where a woman's hands have an innate tendency
to cover up their mouths
to censor the murky depths of the horror
while a man's hands go religious
forming steeple-like structures over their faces
like fleshy vises
or may fiercely grip
at the immobilized sides of their heads
to keep the stampeding fires contained within

Hands also may remain as formidably inert
as mountains who know that erosion will ultimately
wear them all away
so they may flail like songbirds shot out of the sky
surprisingly envious of even the horror-stricken
who can raise frenzied voice to their astonishment
and then drop with the silenced despair of a man on a scaffold

hands the may hover like scavenging helicopters
above a besieged battleground
or like urban birds having no edge of safety,to land on
when the rapid free fall of the descending nightmare
of Icarus thought-to-be untouchable optimism
fell in collective torment upon New York City
in the suspended hush of the Millennium

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