A Letter for Myself

I’m writing this note
while lady pine sings her sweetest songs
I’m not totally sure about
to whom I’m writing this, my future thoughts

You can be anyone, a better man
Or even a murderer; how could I know
It is not my duty to choose
But I can cut any path for you, to glow

I don’t care who you are
Cause I’m sure you’re not so bad and cold
With you, I have many works to do
But still, they are only dreams, not true

Do…. do you want to change this world
To a place with only love and good?
And to fly in the sky, to dive with mermaids
In a world of free, not wild and rude

It doesn’t matter, the day you read my note
It may be twenty or more, even more years from now
You have to say ‘I do’, to the questions I wrote
Cause just now you gave me that unbreakable vow

When you fulfilled that promise one day
I will be there with you to make easier, your way
When that day arrived, without any delay
The lady pine said me, her melody will help us in someway

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