A letter from my younger self

It has been a long time since i saw her smile,
laugh a real laugh and seen her talk to everyone...
as if she mattered the most.
Her smile became hollow, her laugh screamed pain
and as she talked, I heard the tone of her sadness.
I try my hardest to cheer her up,
the only thing that keeps her from hearing me,
is those shadows of pain,
brainwashing her so much, that i can't do anything.
You come to me, on your knees, apologizing and
begging me to forgive you,
your eyes red from crying so much,
the goosebumps from your shivered body,
terrified me so much that i didn't know
what to do, i hugged you as you kept crying,
i felt you trembling and i didn't understand it,
i couldn't understand it.
As she fell asleep, the only words i managed to say
and feel was, "I'll always forgive you."

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