A Letter Of Letting Go.

I know it by heart, that letter explaining why,
Why I'm not good enough, why I just want to die..
This feeling deep down, curled up in my heart,
It kills me inside, it tears me apart..
I cry every day, night after night,
I've just given up, I'm too tired to fight..
I think its finally time, that I just let go,
But before I do, I just want you to know..
I held on this long, for no one but you,
But I'm letting go now, there's nothing more to do..
I wish to go to sleep, and never to wake up,
I wish this my last breath, my last pill, my last cut..
I'll see you again, I'm not sure when or where,
And if you ever need help, you know I'll be there..
I'm sick of this world, of the hurt, of the hate,
Don't try to stop me now, its done, its too late..
I'm glad I had you there for me as a friend,
But I can't take you down, this must be the end..
One last pill to go to sleep,
One last blade to cut me deep..
One last breath, one last tear,
No more pain, no more fear..
Endless sleep, time stands still,
I love you now && always will..

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