A letter to A Small Blue Puppy

A Letter To a Small Blue Puppy
Grade 10
Kaiden Kolberg

I met you when I was small,
Weak and frail,
You weren't meant for me,
But I kept you anyway.

We went on many adventures,
You, and I
From the treacherous movie store,
To the horrid land of screaming preschoolers,
You were by my side,
You were mine.

You were the cotton for my ears,
to block out all the scary noises of corruption in our big bad world,
The cloth to drape over my eyes to let me escape to the deepest parts of my mind,
were I could stay safe and sound,
And with a voice as sweet as silk,
You made me feel oh so safe and warm and secure,
In a world that tears people like me apart into the tiniest of pieces
You were my best friend.

Im bigger now.
And I’m still scared,
The world is still corrupt,
Maybe it’s worse now,
Or maybe it was always this bad.
The world resembles you, in a way,
Once full of joy and creativity,
Now dusty and falling apart at the seams,

But you're better than this world,
You can be mended,
sewn together and given new life,
But the world’s stitches are far and few between.

One day I’ll join you,
An old soul in an older body,
In a decrepit world of flesh and blood instead of silk and cotton,
Where the days and nights slur together into a cloudy mess of memories,
I’ll feel safer knowing you’re in it with me.

Sincerely; Your best friend

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