A Letter to Heaven

I'm sending this letter to Heaven
it's addressed to my gramma named
"Bea" and it's really important she
gets it,she'll be thrilled to hear
it's from me. I thought it get lost
in the mailbox or the mailman would
laugh in my face,so I tucked it inside
of this balloon hoping Heavens not too
far from space. Dear God if you see a
balloon drifting,please hand it with love to
my gram,please tell her I miss her like crazy
she'll be happy to hear how I am. "Hi gramma "
I love you and miss you,I wish we could still
keep in touch,Im happy that your with your loved
ones but wish you were still here with us. As my
tears fall like rain on this letter,when you left
half my heart went with you and I'll work my way
into heaven,when i'm old and my time here is through.
I wish you were here with me gramma,in my heart I
know you'll always be,when I'm old and it's my turn
for Heaven,please ask God if your first that I see.

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