A Letter to Her

Dear you, I know you´re listening, you always do.

I finally found out your deepest secret, your biggest regret.

I know you're in there, I can feel your breath.

I want you to relieve my pain, I want you to heal my wound.

To protect me from everyone, just like you said you would.

I want you to open your eyes and see what you've done.

Look at my blind eyes and with no tears, fire a gun.

I want you to look at me and remember who I was,

Because not even I can remember all those flaws

I can see your shadow behind me on the mirrors of shame,

We did this to ourselves, there is no one else to blame.

I know love is your enemy and perfection your aim

I understand why you did it and that's why I won the game.

There will never be enough tears inside me to drown you in ache,

But you know that when you tremble, the smallest crystal can break.

You know I'm not a killer

But you turned me into a stealer

Stealer of life, stealer of hope,

You made me a monster and now it's time to pay up.

I want you to feel like you're not in control

I want you to see what happens when I´m the one who calls the shots.

You whisper, I shiver

Your words disappear like a meaningless river

There is no fear, no despair

Your screaming like echos, fade in the air

The doubt is gone, I´m no longer your pawn.

Look into the sky, this is our last dawn.

Dear you, I know you´re listening, you always do.

My darkest secret has always been you

Now it's time to leave my memories as one last sad clue

I look down at the sea and remember that view

Because with one last cold breath

We will finally be summoned by the sweetness of death

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