A Letter to Her

Dear baby sis,

You live in a world where racism, sexism and masochism is incorporated in your everyday life. Where your friends wrists will most likely meet a knife. Where you apple juice will turn into whiskey and your kiss in tenth grade will make the boys frisky.

Where the color of your skin matters more than what’s on the inside. Where drugs are how most people hide. Where all your creativity will be lost and everything you do will come at a cost.

Where the right thing to do is hit your kid and people buy little girls, as long as you have the highest bid. Where black people have to worry about their lives and it’s a common thing for people to cheat on their wives.

Where you’ll be called a whore instead of a gem yet relationships are based on everything but actually talking to them. Where wars are started on twitter and boys are hit-it-and-quitters.

You live in a world where it matters who the Kardashians marry but not that an STD is what most people carry. Where many people sit starving but in your family all that matters is if you have the right pumpkin carving.

And your country hates muslims and mexicans but don’t worry you’re an American. Where parents start acting like teenagers and teenagers start acting like adults- not because they want to, but because they have too.

But don’t worry because even when you have no clue, just come to me, I’ll try and guide you. And one more thing, I know you’ll never have to worry because unlike your father and your sisters, you’re not a minority, you’re the majority.


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