A Letter To Me

If I could go back in time and write a letter to me
I'd tell me to be careful of all I hear and see
Be quick to give a smile and slow to use a frown
Be the kind of friend you'd like. Be firm and stand your ground

When times get tough and I feel alone, I'd tell me to be strong
Cause standing alone for doing right is always better than doing wrong
Being honest is your best bet for friendships strong and true
But remember, sometimes honesty might make them walk away from you

There will be moments when you disagree with everything your parents say
But try to see it from their side. They just want you to be OK
Make sure you spend some extra time even though she has a Mister
Your friends aren't more important. You need her, she's your sister

When you meet a guy, please be careful and make sure that he's real
Cause sometimes it's a big fat lie, no matter what they make you feel
When your heart lays shattered on the ground and you feel you can't go on
It's OK to shed those tears. You don't have to be so strong

Don't ever take for granted the times you have with dad
Cause one day soon you'll get some news that will make you really sad
When that awful thing called cancer gets whispered in your ear
It'll be OK. Just pray to God and pull each other near

Take time to talk to Jesus. Don't think that it's OK
To push him aside for what you want...you'll start to go astray
When you feel like no one really cares and you have no place to go
Jesus sees each tear you cry. Your heartache, he already knows

So I want you to remember, whatever life may bring
Through sunshine or through raindrops, no matter how much it stings
You have a loving Father who will be there til the end
He's your Saviour and Redeemer and He'll always be your friend

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