A Letter To My Abusers

Hello stranger, friend, and my love
I have laughed and cried with you
I come to you first when I withdraw and am blue
You make me smile when I can’t seem but to cry
I trust you like a small child trusts their parent
I trust you with my mind, body, and soul
You know all within my soul
But things seem to change to say the least
Something out of the ordinary
Suddenly it turns to be a beast
I feel your skin touch mine
It’s not very kind
Traumatic to say the least
In my mind you are like a beast
Why did you have to touch my gemstones
Now all I want to do is crawl myself out of my skin and bones
You stripped my innocence away
Now I’m left astray
I think I see you when you are not there
I still feel your cold touch down my spine
You are an evil vindictive and I was your perfect victim
I was made of honey and glass
Now all I am is broken glass
You bring so much pain
Yet you gift me with beauty
My mind wonders not knowing which obstacles to reign
Am I to loathe you or to be in love with you
You’ve hurt me like the devil himself
The demons you brought with you patronize me while I slumber
Will I ever be gifted restful sleep
I am ready to say farewell to your sick games
So I say goodbye to everything as the only escape
Before I go I hear a little whisper so tender and soft
The voice so sweet like the finest honey
The curious voice gently whispers
Please don’t say farewell so soon
There is so much more beauty to be seen
So many more people and places to see
Unknown authors to deem great
Future coffee cups to be filled and sipped till the last sip
The rain will cry more missing how you dance with him
Music will be a little more dull without your carefree voice
People will lose beauty in their life
Because you my love
Are a spark of beauty in this life
Some may say it was a voice in my head
But I know it was my papa
He saved me that lonely rainy night
And I danced in the rain
knowing that I am loved and beautiful
There is so much more love to give and receive before I say my final farewells to this beautiful gift I have been given

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This Poems Story

This is my story of how I was abused growing up and I almost took my own life because of it. God helped me overcome my pain and see that life is worth living.