A Letter To My Country

Should I make this a letter?
for I own no address to attach
I know its message will go down the reign walking corpse,
even the thunderous rain alongside its lightening cries had no say then who are we? mere individuals to decide

Dear mama Nigeria; Permit me to feminize you,
We are among your uncountable children with missing heritage and a stolen lineage,
A loner with hidden voice, appetizing eyes, dreamers with unfulfilled wishes,
I would have written you many moons ago but the cloud looming over your mountain made me smell doom.

Listen to my broken voice as I try to rearrange the words
Not in alphabetical order for I exhaled from a place of no peace and order, today we are friends tomorrow fight like enemies till the end
Everyday fear of streaming down social media just not to bump into bomb blast of everlasting screams with rage in each of its page,
And everytime i check the encyclopedia for the definition of our crimes, nothing seems to rhyme.

We are now happy fools forced to laugh when our souls are covered in sorrows
No longer a meal fit for the Gods because we use our sons to fight as swords
Our hearts is endangered the fear is tearing us apart, soon we will fall extinct for our instinct is making us sting
They claim to have the guns but don't even know how to use their swords

Roaring tigers, surfacing their arrogancy with speeches voiced out to calm their nerves
Dripping off from the blood stream of the needy
As they turn our daughters into pregnant virgins
And our brothers are no longer brothers keeper

You shot me with a gun, now i am covered with a lace and you say i should rest in peace?
Is this the Nigeria you grew to be?
Where mothers are vultures and fathers are left scavengering around
And i remain a yours truly Nigerian

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