A Letter to My Father

Why when I call you, don't you answer?
It's like I'm not even your child...
"Calling you"doesn't mean I want something;
It's just that I haven't heard from you in a while.
Unspoken words wit us is common,
Our conversations never last long.
Giving you a chance to explain would be nice,
But how can you ever justify your wrong?
When you read this letter, will you decide to be there
For me, with all your heart?
Or is it you've always wanted to be here,
But felt we were too far apart?
These questions will probably never have answers,
It's possible I'll never know.
Calling me would be nice,
because there are a million questions more.
I have faith one day, you'll get it;
You'll finally decide to do your part.
As for me, I guess I'll be waiting for you,
No matter when you decide to start.

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