A letter to my future child

To my future son and my future daughter, if you exist with God's will, if you are somewhere here coming from a time machine, you better listen to this

My dear, I am your Hulk
I'll smash everything that comes in your way even if Thanos try to put you astray, l'll smack him away
Now just walk the road you want honey, you'll be okay, cause everyday, everyday will be your day

Honey, I am your Wolverine
I protect you with my soul, I will
My claws are sharp enough, I dare to kill
When I'm bleed, don't you worry, I will heal, even when I'm at the the point of death, I'll protect you still

Kid, I am your Superman
I'm super strong I can lift any flight
I can fly high I don't scare any height
I have laser in my eyes I can destroy any satellite, but bare in your mind my dear, losing you will be my kryptonite

My little one, I am your Batman
My history is dark but my future is always bright with you
When you're in danger, don't worry I have my Batmobile, I'll come to you
In my cave, I hide all my weapons, mainly used to save you
Yes, your dad is rich, but not without you

And I am your Iron Man
I will shield you with my armor from anything unpleasant
I will gift you my suit so you won't be frightened
I will sacrifice myself even I'll be abandoned because baby, I love you 3000

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