A Letter to My Son

My son, I'm writing this letter to you
And I hope some day you'll know what to do
To be a better man
And I know that you can
And you can start with
To yourself always be true
Little man, I wish all the best of times
I'll pass along the tools to remove all the crimes
Of selfishness and violence
Oppression and non-sense
Create a better world
Uniting people of all kinds
Love is the key
Acceptance of you and me
Know your priorities
Always choose sincerity
My son, you've been given much more than I
Now all that's left is to try
All it takes is willingness
Know that your life is always blessed
Love all of life
And always draw it nigh
Little man, all that you receive you must give
The life you were given is to live
Long enough to pass along
The strength that made you strong
Then in turn
You'll get back what you give.

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