A letter to the devil

There was a time
You ripped me apart with the evil of your rhyme.
Your lies destroyed my life.
I was victim of your special and dedicated knife.
God allowed it, and I persevered.
But today –today the tables have turned.
The darkness I once feared,
Will agonize and be burned.
It is my chance to fight back,
To break free and spread my wings,
To conquer myself, and then, all things.
Goodness and love will be raised high;
This time, you will mourn instead of I.

Like I feared you once,
You will too, tremble when my lips sing to Him.
For He heard me and loved me
Even when I did not know Him;
How much more will He do for me now,
That I have fallen in love with my Lord?

Beat me down, go ahead.
I will get up and lift my head.
For my master, the artist of the world,
Loves those who challenge you;
Those who in your heat, remain cold,
To cool the poor soul who slowly dies
At the sight of your cowardly eyes.

Knowing my weaknesses,
You tempted me. As you tempted me,
Your faults I learned.
I studied you, your ways, and your character;
You are nothing but a worthless rat.
Pathetic, stupid, arrogant, and evil,
You run away by the mention of His holy name.

You are relentless,
Causing my heart unnerving pain
For your torture is as unforgiving
As gravity causing an avalanche.
Emotionally, you took advantage
Of my poor and childish mind.
In your plantation, your land,
I will not run out, but instead, fight.
Funny how the unfaithful fear you,
But beware that the patron of all saints
Has become my best friend,
And I his beloved. For homeless I once was,
And His son came to take me home,
Unafraid that I may do evil in His house.

“Who shall face me?” you asked the day you came,
Pridefully thinking you could not be tamed.
With my little eyes, I looked at my father
And decided to tremble no further.
“Send me, I will go.” I said.
With such tenderness, He asked,
“My son, are you sure? I will fight instead of you.”
“You are my care-giver, but my king as well,
Sit in your throne like you deserve.”
And so, His holy armor I put on;
The battle begins at dawn.
I face you, the giant, fearless,
And pity I feel for you. Do you not remember?
The last child that fought a giant became king.
Even though sinfull with lust,
He honored the Lord at all cost.
Look at me smirk, watch me laugh,
For by the suffering you bring
I shall become rich.
You have made me heir to the throne;
For that opportunity, for that grace,
I thank you dearly.

My poor little lucifer, you maybe be the king of this world,
But I –I have flown without wings
And breathed under water with no gills.
You won’t stop –neither will I.
But as you plan your attack, remember:
Your power is limited,
Mine is not.
Fear me, oh lord of darkness,
For the King of the Heavens lives in me.

You want war? I'll give you one the world will never forget.

-- Your favorite rebel.

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