A Letter to the Sun

A Letter to the Sun

When a day I let out to the other side
A price I shall without grudge pay
Let no wailing accompany this tender tide
Rather rely on my unending memorial
How I hate such a flooding burial!

When at last this natural call cuts sharp at me
Think not where I've gone to rest
Whether hell or heaven I see
Back to my mother breast will this body go
There to enjoy the sweetness of that African woman I never lived to know.

Will I go unannounced? But who announces
Such a quick breath that pass out on its own
In air, in water or on land comes the final pause
A friend should not starve me a reflective moment
And the elders once my mates, in white dance in tournament.

Then I will go smiling my way home
As I've saved many from drowning in the seas of life
Count not the many cars packed at my tomb
Nor the many bedbugs that caused me this journey
But sing me those bitter words I wrote with honey.

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