A Letter to Who I Used to Be

This isn’t what you think.
You were wrong.
Please, just give up.
Do it. Quit already.
Because I promise you it will be the best decision you will ever make.
Trust me,
I'm you after all.
I'm telling you, you need to throw in the towel and just stop trying.
Quit trying to make everyone around you happy.
Quit thinking that you aren't allowed to make mistakes.
Because you are only human.
Everything around you has it's faults, even when you chose not to see them.
You are the most pure hearted of those around you.
But you need to give up.
Quit torturing yourself for their sake.
Feeling like you are the one who is wrong,
Who is damaged.
You're making yourself miserable
We're all trying to forget someone.
My someone just so happens to be you
Now stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone aught to be,
Grow up and call it a day.
This is the end of the line.
Even though I know you won't listen to a word this letter says.
But for your sake and mind.
Stop. You're not worth this.

Sincerely yours,

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This Poems Story

As an individual who struggles with being an empath, I regularly find myself not being able to give up when I should. So I thought it was time to write myself a letter.