A lie

One to many
Many to many
Which becomes many too many
To handle

One reason to say it
But now it’s a prologue
Once upon a time
It starts.
Then..it goes on
And it becomes a story
You cannot stop
They want more now

You run back to the childhood
When you asked for one story
And then asked “mama what happened next?”

The only difference.

You were honest,
Genuinely inquisitive
Just the little entertainment
Of childhood Fantasy

But this
It is a different story
A different narrative

Onetime stand to cover the tracks
You open a whole runaway.

Back to the story.
You are now relating
Now you are making up.
New characters,
New episodes
You have to be careful
You hesitate
You might have a wrong slip
And things might not add up
Another problem

You think 360
All the possible scenarios
To reveal the best
It’s all in your mind

Again, who are in your play?
You have to think,
Once more.
Their story
And your story
Should coexist

What if they
Say something
Out of place
It’s a disaster!

The inquisitive
They want the minute details
That is people
That is society

One say.
Save the soul
You’ve got to tell more
It’s a cover up
One to many
Many to many
Which becomes many too many
To handle
The story of a lie.

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