A Life in the Day
The thoughts. The memories. Real or imagined? They don’t stop. They never stop. Alcohol makes them stop. But then they’re worse the next day. Drugs make them stop. But then I have no job. No money. No place to live. All I have left is…a thought. A memory. So many. Real or imagined?
Other people don’t act like this. Feel like this. Live like this. Well, a few do. But I don’t want to be around them. They’re awful. Black holes, all of them!
Do you know what she did to me? Do you what he said to me? It ruined my life. Where is the justice? The karma? The retribution? The restitution? I know big words. Why don’t they notice? Give me all due respect?
Positivity. Hope. Exercise. Actions, not words. Helping others. Praying. Gratitude. I’m on my way! All will be well.
Endorphins. Adrenaline. Serotonin. Dopamine. The rush. The surge. I can’t stop smiling. Laughing. Giggling. I’m invincible. Indestructible. I can flip over cars. Punch through brick walls. Rule kingdoms.
I can’t get out of bed. I can’t be around people. Why can’t I die? I don’t want to be here. Don’t want to be anywhere.
I love to dance. Blast the music. Jam. Bust a move. I’m going to learn how to DJ. Play the guitar. The drums. Sing. I’ll tour the world. Sell out stadiums.
I haven’t done the dishes in a week. The bathroom is disgusting. No clean clothes. Must complete level 97 of this new game downloaded to my phone.
I’m gonna publish this. Get famous. Win awards. They’ll make a tv show. A movie. A book. A series of books. I’ll walk red carpets and roll around in hundred-dollar bills.
I don’t know how to love. What is it? A thought? An action? An emotion? A feeling? I give a girl money to come over every few weeks. I think I love her.
I’m looking for Michael Jackson remixes on YouTube. Talk tomorrow.

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