A life's violin key

By Leela   

All souls gathered around me,
I felt their breath.
All words vanished,yet my thoughts' storm arised,
I was nowhere in no time,
I was someone who was avoiding me.
Each note I played had a background story,
But the wind got it all wrong,
I was misled by my own echo,
I was misunderstood by my surroundings.
How can you hear when there's nothing to listen to?
How can you speak
when clock's screaming:
"Choose your words carefully!"
No one can tell
What kind of chaotic dance
I prefer inside my head
And what steps I choose
to dance out reality.
"You'll lose your head",
many denied my life's philosophy,
never there were many soul aches.
So I waved to a cloud of agitation,
surrendered to silence.
"There is no definition to acknowledge",
I mumbled,
"there's only a balet to cacophony".

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