A Light in the Darkness

To watch a loved one suffer,
Is tough enough on its own.
To watch and hold your tongue,
Is a different matter altogether.
A tire popped by too much friction,
Is the only thing I see,
When I think why I shouldn't take sides
Between someone whom I love,
And someone to whom I'm leashed.
If you don't want to hurt feelings,
You should keep to yourself.
At some point, you'll find
You don't want what you thought,
And can't give what you promised.
Feelings change, but memories don't.
If only you could make everyone forget
And repaint your past desires.
If I could change my past,
I'd remove myself from the jaded promises.
It's easy to enjoy what you have
While it's new,
But always something newer, more exciting,
Even more beautiful
Will catch your eye.
That's when you realize you can't
Throw away your own heart to protect someone else's.

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