A Line Between Us

By MFMC   

Standing by your side,
Your shoulders were quite high.
If I could lie and sleep,
Instead I held on it.

Oh, I just cannot hide,
Your body was close to mine.
When you speak, I can feel,
Your breath, it makes me weak.

Then I felt your hand,
On mine, you depend.
I cannot look at you,
I want this to be true.

That journey of us,
I wish, it did not end.
I felt like you were mine,
But between us,
There is a line.

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This Poems Story

It was a short moment between a boy and a girl in the crowded train. They were very close to each other that the girl suddenly felt her heart beating faster. She is not sure if it's crush or love. But one thing is definite, she should not cross the line...