A little Advice

What are you doing?
What have you become?
The “you” I remember is gone.
Where was that wonderful soul I once knew
who stayed true to themselves?
Why did you give in?
Why did you give in to fear?
It swallowed my friend up and spit you out.
Where is it?
Your moral code?
Your sense of self-respect?
Okay. Here’s what I’m gonna tell you:
Don’t pay for social recognition with self-definition
It’s a suicide mission towards internal decomposition
Don’t let the fear of standing out
Bring about
A tear in your eye
And make you take up a false disguise.
You see...
I’m just here to help you realize
The real lies they’ve planted slyly in your mind
But I guess it’s fine
If you’re happy I am too
But don’t let their opinions affect the real you

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