a little boy’s crazy dream

My eyes shut tight and my head begins to twirl
my mind got really funny, my mind starts to whirl
I become a piarate, with a patch, hook, and ship
when suddenly my boat turns and finally tips!
I soon meet a mermaid, who grants a wish of three
but after I had made them, she demanded back a fee
I was scared when she said,"Hurry it up, sonny!"
for I really didn't have any mermaid money
when I said,'No' politely, she came dashing after me!
so, (with my knowledge of mermaids), I went out of the sea
I ran towards some houses, and came to a stop
for a giant was cooking with his great, big pot!
When I had tried to stay quiet, while walking on the floor
I screamed with a "Yelp!" for I got caught in a trap door
I slooped town a tunnel, with a swoosh and a clang
when suddenly, I heard a very loud bang!
I looked to the left I looked to the right
untill finally I saw a cowboy upon sight
So I ran toward a door that said 'WARNING' on tiles
but I went in, and there were half men half crocodile!
I was scared half to death, and thought they were immortal
but out of good luck I used a near portal
it lead me to a castle, with a princess and a knight
so there was nothing for me to do, no fights to fight
there was a jungle near by, so I went to go look
and I found something with WARM water, a brook!
close to the water was many tall reeds
when I woke up, I found that I hadn just peed

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