A Little Bride

Ah!These professionals won't let me rest,
Trying to beautify my features to their best.
With my pink velvet gown skimming off my shoulders,
however,I manage to keep my composure.

Oh! How beautiful I look
With this pink eye shade and my hair tied up in a bun,
And my curls slicking my blush , even make it more fun.
My long eyelashes tipifying my beauty,
And plum pink lips make it even fruity.

Looking into the mirror,I see a flawless me ,
Looking like a princess for a while,
But lacking just a pretty little smile.

"Am I really ready for it?
Or is this where my maturity sits?"

Just give a fake laugh to my discontented heart !
After all I am just a 14 year old,easy to outsmart.
Abstaining my whole life in a foreign land,
Forcibly getting married to an unknown man.

It would snatch all my childhood,my family ,my freedom...
Strengthening this cruel male dominated kingdom!
Ruining all my dreams that I have ever dreamt ,
The thought of "Child Marriage" makes me so torment .
And what about all my wishes and wants,
Which won't let me sleep by their disturbing taunts.

The mirror reflects the true innocent me,
Fragile as a caterpillar, too young to flee.

But who in this world would listen
To my silent protesting heart,
After all,I am just a 14 year old
Easy to outsmart!

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