A Little Flower To a Tree

A little sapling may it grow, beyond all with the blessings of the very air, water, and light from this Earth
May it be that these little growths of beauty, forgotten and are discarded as nothing more than a tree
The beauty of creation and life is a gift made to the children of the light, of the very father who loves
The light from the sun, the very force that is a reminder of the love and passion that is not naturally present
The very water that spreads around the Earth, may it be a gift to heal minds and provide for growth
May the very oxygen that is breathed and is provided towards all life, is appreciated and sought for the beautiful importance it truly has
The gift of life, in the very sapling grew next to a beautiful flower, shows life itself is made with beauty and appreciation
May the sapling grow into a wonderful tree, one cultivated by love, grace, passion, and forgiveness
A little flower next to the wonderful tree may stay as a reminder, beauty itself is a gift and the company of self-satisfaction may linger
For the very creation of life itself, cultivates the most important traits in a soul

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This Poems Story

Creation itself is a gift, the beautiful interpretation of the very universal love that is provided naturally through that very gift.