A Little Halloween Candy Corny

On 5th Avenue, New York,
Just past Boston’s Baked Beans,
Near the East/Hudson fork
Lived 3 kind-Dove weird teens.

Their dad, Mr. Heath Goodbar
And his high school Sweetart
Knew their kids were bizzare.
The Dots connected from the start.

The Baby, Ruth? Butterfingered.
And Mike & Ike were just horrid.
An Almond Joyless mood lingered
Near each Sour Patch Kid.

At school, Smarties Snickered.
From the Nerds they heard jeers.
With the Airheads they bickered
‘Til they cried 3-Musket tears.

100 Grand made by Junior Mints
One Payday did arrive.
So they took a trip since
They had Good & Plenty to Take 5.

They climbed Mounds tall as stars,
Whoppers with Sno Capped peaks.
BeTwixt the Milky Way & Mars
They saw bright Starburst streaks!

Ruth Rolo-ed over in bunches
On Mt. Whatchamacallit.
Landing with Krackels & Crunches,
She later couldn’t recall it.

Still, the trip was no Milk Dud;
These Goobers found that which pleases.
While none came home a stud,
They did find inner Reese’s Peaces.

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    This Poems Story

    In honor of trick or treating, one Halloween I set out to tell a story while using the names of as many kinds of candy as possible. I hope you have half as much fun reading this as I had writing it.